Support Policy

Free Plugins and Resources

Code Potent creates many free resources for the ClassicPress community – plugins, widgets, shortcodes, code snips, and more – with the understanding that the work can immediately benefit thousands of ClassicPress developers, designers, and end-users. While a few minor questions may be answered from time to time, official support is not provided for free offerings. You may find user-to-user help at ClassicPress’ official Plugin Support forum.

Premium Products and Services

Customers of Code Potent’s premium products and services are entitled to timely, professional support. The primary channel is email, although other forms may be used on a case-by-case basis. In very rare instances, you may be asked to provide temporary FTP credentials or to create a temporary administrator account. Code Potent is highly responsive and maintains an unparalleled commitment to your success – if something isn’t working perfectly, don’t hesitate to make contact. If you’re using a product that has a built-in help form, use that form to receive priority attention. If you’re using a product that lacks a built-in form, use the contact method indicated in your initial order to receive priority support.

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