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Prevent WordPress 5.0 Update

If you’re staying on WordPress 4.9.x for awhile to see how ClassicPress plays out, you can use this plugin to prevent your site from updating to WordPress 5.0 while still allowing security updates for 4.9.x through!

If you’re planning on staying with WordPress 4.9.x, this following plugin will make sure your site doesn’t update to WordPress 5.x. It will not prevent you from installing any WordPress 4.9.x security updates as they are released. If you’re not sure how to add this code to your site, see below.

Make it a Plugin

To turn the code above into a working plugin, just copy the code into a file named, say, prevent-wp5-update.php and place that file into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Then, you can activate it in your dashboard, just like any other plugin.

5 comments on “Prevent WordPress 5.0 Update”

  1. A commenter said:

    To be honest I think there is a little more involved to remove the WP 5.0 update nag from a site and that is why I released a plugin to take care of exactly that.

    You can find it in the Plugin Directory under the name Remove WP Update Nags.

    Code Potent said:

    I agree that more could be added, but, it’s not necessary. The code snip shown here removes the update nag from the dashboard notices, from the footer, and from the updates page. It will suffice in most cases. Your plugin definitely does these same things (and more!) but, it weighs in at 3.16Mb and 200 files – for me, that’s just too much overhead where a few short lines of code will do the trick.

    • A commenter replied:

      The reason my plugin seems overweight is that I am experimenting with Freemius, which is included in Remove WP Update Nags.

    • AUTHOR
      Code Potent replied:

      Hiya Pieter, thanks for clarifying!

    Code Potent said:

    The code snip has been expanded (props James Nylen) to ensure that it doesn’t prevent WordPress 4.9.x security updates.

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