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How to Prevent Uncategorized Posts in ClassicPress

Learn how to prevent uncategorized posts in your ClassicPress site in less than 2 minutes – no plugins or coding required!

Do you have uncategorized posts on your ClassicPress site? If you forget to set a category when creating new posts, the system will assign a default. Oddly, though, “Uncategorized” is the name of the default category. It’s misleading – those posts are categorized. No worries. This is one of those things you can fix and forget about it. Shall we?

Navigate to your site and click through:

Dashboard > Posts > Categories > Uncategorized > Quick Edit

Now, just rename your Uncategorized category to something like `General` or `Random` or `This & That` – or whatever catch-all term suits your particular website. Be sure to change the category’s slug, too! Then, save your changes. Problem solved – no more uncategorized posts!

What do you think?

Did you know the Uncategorized category could be changed? Or, do you just leave it alone? Or, do you have a particular word you like to use instead? Does a site’s credibility take a hit when you see uncategorized posts? I’d love to hear your thoughts – let me know in the comments!

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