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Can we reprint your articles?

All articles, tutorials, and texts presented here are subject to copyright law. The decision to allow reprints is made on a case-by-case basis. You can request permission for a single piece, or, I’m happy to discuss an ongoing relationship if you’d like to continue publishing my work from time to time in a more streamlined manner. The content of articles should be maintained in their original form, without substantive edits of the content, however, editorial notes are permitted where it may bring additional clarity to your audience. If an article contains code, your site must have the ability to properly format code examples to maintain the readability and value of the work. Articles should include a succinct author bio, a sentence indicating that the post originally appeared at CodePotent.com, and a link back to the original article – these can be placed anywhere on the page that works best with your layout. Links in articles are expected to remain intact, with the rare exception of affiliate links which can be removed at your discretion. If you wish to remove any other links, this must be requested directly on every occasion. Code Potent reserves the right to approve final versions and to revoke permission to use future works. If you have an ongoing relationship to republish, you may republish any work that is greater than 10 days old. It is requested that you notify Code Potent of your republishes, so, that I can also share them to social media. If you are granted permission to use a particular piece of work, you’ll maintain that right in perpetuity, without regard to any ongoing relationship.