Enriched Editor for ClassicPress

The Enriched Editor plugin extends the core editor in ClassicPress with a configurable WYSIWYG options. If you are familiar with TinyMCE Advanced for WordPress, you will be very comfortable with the Enriched Editor plugin for ClassicPress.

Enriched Editor allows you to quickly add headings, lists, tables, images, and links. There's also a whole lot of formatting options. Highly configurable, very usable – a must-have for any ClassicPress website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I only need a few extra editor features – is this plugin too heavy for that?
    No. The plugin is designed to offer a plethora of editor options, however, none are required. You can pick and choose (well, drag and drop) the features you want while leaving out those you don’t need.

  2. I want to enable every last option – will I have performance concerns?
    While adding all options to the editor is likely a rare case, there have been no concerns raised.

  3. Can the editors be used on the frontend of a site?
    Yes. There’s an option to allow the editors to be used on the frontend, for example, in comment forms.

  4. What is the underlying technology?
    The battle-tested TinyMCE editor is under the hood. This is the same software that powers the built-in ClassicPress editor, so, the Enriched Editor plugin really just builds on what your site is already running.

  5. Doesn’t ClassicPress already have an editor built in?
    Yes. The default text editor in ClassicPress contains a handful of buttons and options that, in some cases, will be quite sufficient for the site owner’s needs. For those who need more options and control, the Enriched Editor plugin provides a great deal of options.

  6. How long will it take to setup the plugin?
    Don’t be fooled by the power of the Enriched Editor plugin; the setup is quick and easy. Sane defaults are used and, since there are only a few settings to even think about, it won’t take but a minute to review and make any changes. From there, you’ll probably want to customize which icons/tools appear in the editor – this is a simple drag-and-drop procedure and may take 5-10 minutes to order your icons exactly how you want them.

  7. Do I need to be running the Classic Editor plugin?
    No. ClassicPress never deviated from using the original editor, so, it’s still built-in. You only need to install the Enriched Editor plugin.

  8. Will updates be available before the official directory?
    Yes. Updates are handled with the Update Manager plugin and you’ll be able to update right from your dashboard.

  9. You previously released WYSIWYG Advanced, why a new plugin now?
    WYSIWYG Advanced was a basic fork of TinyMCE Advanced to ensure that we had a Gutenberg-free WYSIWYG editor for ClassicPress. I had intended on keeping that name, but, the dumb truth is: I can’t type "WYSIWYG" without slowing down to a crawl – and I was still making typos. When something repeatedly wastes my time, it has got to go. So, the Enriched Editor plugin was born; it has a perfect name, got rid of even more needless code, and the admin interface has been redesigned a bit for a more modern look.

  10. Will this plugin work even though I used a different editor previously?
    Yes. If you are currently using TinyMCE Advanced or WYSIWYG Advanced, one option is to use the export functionality – Enriched Editor can then import your settings within a few clicks. Another (easier) option is to deactivate your current editor plugin (if you’re using one of those mentioned), then activate the Enriched Editor plugin; this will copy the settings automatically and you can then uninstall your old plugin. Note that you should only ever have one rich editor plugin activated at any given time.

  11. The setting for custom styles seems to be disabled?
    This setting is only available if your theme contains a editor-style.css file. Add that file to your theme (or child theme) to enable the option. The styles that are found in that file will be added to a dropdown menu in your editor for easy access.

  12. Why does the Toggle Toolbar feature only work when placed in the first row?
    If you were to place the Toggle Toolbar icon in the second, third, or fourth rows, clicking it would actually hide the very row in which it was placed, thus, breaking the experience. For this reason, it will only work when placed in the very first row. Note that it need not be placed right in the very first position, just somewhere in the first row.

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