Discourse Stats for ClassicPress

Leverage Forum Engagement

Do you spend a good deal of time on a Discourse-based forum supporting something? Are you actively engaged with that community? Let your site visitors know that you're not just some random domain name or screen name – let them know that you're an active participant.

Build Organic Trust

Engaging with your community is a great way to build trust – not just with the community, but, with potential customers and clients. Thing is: potential clients may not be an active part of the community and might completely miss the fact that you're truly an expert in your field. That's where the Discourse Stats plugin comes in.

Showcase Your Activity

With Discourse Stats, your site visitors will be able to instantly see how active and engaged you are with the community – complete with links back to your profile for verification. This gives visitors a great way to see how you interact online, how you provide support, and how you get along with others.


**Key Forum Stats**
Simple Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this plugin sink my site performance?

No. Unlike some social plugins that check for updates on every page load, the Discourse Stats plugin only checks every 3 hours. The results are stored to ensure that your page loads are not affected by the plugin. If you want to change the update frequency, you absolutely can!

Does this only show stats for members of the ClassicPress forums?

No. The plugin is designed to work with any Discourse installation. Just pop in the URL and a username, and voila – the stats can be pulled from any public Discourse site.

Can I show certain fields and hide others?

Absolutely. When you add the widget, there are a series of checkboxes that allow you to decide what is shown and what is not.

Can I create multiple instances of the widget?

Yes. If you want to display stats for more than one user (or for more than one Discourse site,) you can create multiple widgets without any issues.

How are a user’s forum stats determined?

The Discourse software provides a public API that can be polled for data about the forum and users. The widget uses this API to retrieve a user’s public data. If you’re curious what data is exposed by the API, here, take a look at the endpoint for code_potent. 🙂

I have privacy concerns; can avatars be served from my own site?

Avatars are retrieved and stored in your uploads directory, by default. However, they are not accessible through your Media Library. The avatar images are deleted if/when you uninstall the plugin.

Here's what users say about the Discourse Stats plugin for ClassicPress

“This plugin is a fantastic way to show visitors your level of participation in the community – a great way to gain the trust of potential customers.”

~ John Alarcon, Creator


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