ClassicPress Plugins


Bring your PHP error log into your ClassicPress dashboard with beautiful style! Color-coding and filterable results make your error log a super quick skim – no more wall-of-text error messages!


The Utility Plugin provides a safe space to hold custom code and allows you to activate and deactivate your code snips just like a plugin.


Why Code Potent?

  • Outstanding Support
    Support is quick and friendly. Issues are resolved at the root to avoid a patchwork of spaghetti-code.
  • Attention to Security
    The principle that “all user input is evil” guides development. Nothing is assumed. Sanitize early, escape late!
  • Built for Performance
    If scripts, styles, or classes are not needed for the given display, they are not loaded. You're welcome!
  • Translation Ready
    All plugin texts are run through core translation functions; they are ready to be translated!
  • Friendly Admin
    Plugin admin pages are immediately familiar. They aren't over-engineered or constantly displaying notices.
  • Documentation
    Plugin settings, widgets, shortcodes, filters, actions – everything is documented and easy to find!
  • API Compliance
    Core APIs are used as intended. You won't find duct-tape holding things together under the hood.
  • Extensible Design
    Actions and filters allow the plugins to be extended in various ways without editing the plugin files directly.
  • No Code Bloat
    The plugins focus on doing their job well, rather than accounting for every fathomable use case.
  • No Conflicts
    All plugin code is well-encapsulated to best protect against conflicts with other plugins or themes.
  • PHP 7 Supported
    All plugins work great on PHP 7, however, just like ClassicPress, they will also run just fine on PHP 5.6.
  • Clean Error Logs
    All plugins are developed with full PHP error reporting enabled — there are no errors, warnings, or notices.
  • Good Housekeeping
    You can safely audition Code Potent plugins without leaving behind orphaned tables or data.
  • Extensive Experience
    Code Potent began with WordPress near the start – this experience directly transferred to ClassicPress.
  • Active Contributor
    Code Potent creates and shares lots of valuable, free content with the ClassicPress community.
  • Financial Supporter
    Code Potent makes a substantial yearly donation to the ClassicPress foundation to help with costs.

An experienced and trusted ClassicPress plugin developer, Code Potent produces thoughtful, high-performance plugins that are built to last. Even the simplest plugin gets the royal treatment. Web professionals and hobbyists alike count on Code Potent for quality.

Powerful ClassicPress plugins that save your time mean you can make more money!