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ClassicPress .htaccess Hacks for Performance and Security

Rocket your ClassicPress site performance and security with .htaccess – no plugins required!! 100% applicable to WordPress, too!

The following .htaccess directives can help to boost your ClassicPress performance and security. Your existing .htaccess file may contain some of these directives already, so, feel free to pick and choose only those that you want. Before adding any directives. head on over to GTMetrix and get your site’s baseline scores – later, after you’ve applied the various directives, you can retest your site to see the improvements in actual numbers.

Getting Started

Make a copy of your existing .htaccess file to get started. With the directives below, don’t just do a straight copy/paste! Instead, add one complete directive at a time, refreshing your site in a browser each time to ensure that an Error 500 didn’t occur. If an error did occur, you can delete (or amend) the directive you just added. There are a couple of places where you need to add your own URL, so, be sure to see the comments above each directive.

.htaccess Hacks for ClassicPress

How did it go?

Did you have trouble with any of the directives? How did your performance scores change? Do you know any other .htaccess directives that can improve performance and security? I’d love to hear your thoughts – let me know in the comments!

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