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ClassicPress Gains Organic Momentum

From a trickle to a stream. Through the efforts of many, ClassicPress is gaining organic momentum and positioning itself as a viable solution for content management.

Yesterday, I received a message from Michelle Coe, recently appointed co-Director of the ClassicPress organization, wondering if I knew I’d been rated “5 dragons” in a WordPress podcast. I didn’t. I’ve heard a few podcasts where the hosts and guests were making fun of ClassicPress and those who support the effort, so, at first mention, I didn’t know how to feel about it. I decided to check it out.

Props from the WordPress World

John Overall, producer of a popular WordPress podcast, had added a short segment highlighting my Registration Honeypot plugin for ClassicPress on his WordPress Plugins A to Z podcast. He said it was a good find and expressed a personal need for it, wondering if WordPress had a comparable offering. He had nothing but great things to say. So, come to find out, 5 dragons is a fantastic rating! It was a good feeling.

I got back in touch with Michelle to thank her for letting me know about the mention, and she wondered if John had maybe mentioned any of my other plugins. So, I checked. And, he had! I found that 4 of my plugins had been featured in the podcast! I must admit, this gave me a pretty great feeling all day long.

ClassicPress is Gaining Organic Traction

Even though I was reveling in a bit of personal excitement after getting mentioned, there’s a bigger picture here. What it really means is that ClassicPress is gaining the traction that we’ve expected (and hoped!) it would.

Consider for a moment that I didn’t submit my plugins for inclusion in the podcast – John Overall just somehow found them. Indeed, he has now even added a dedicated ClassicPress section to the podcast! Mind you, I’m not saying the section was added just because of my plugins.

If you listen to the podcasts, you hear John’s take on the project, even if just in short bits. Importantly, you can hear his opinion evolve – from wondering if we’ll make it, to saying we’re here to stay. It’s a great feeling to see the wider community taking a second look at ClassicPress as a viable option. We’ve come a very long way in a very short time. All of us. We should all take a moment to say thanks to someone, anyone, everyone for their contributions, effort,  and dedication to the project.

ClassicPress Fills Key Leadership Roles

Now, Code Potent isn’t really a news site, but, I can’t very well ignore a recent development that positions ClassicPress for even more organic growth. In a move that solidifies the scope and intent of the ClassicPress mission, Director, Scott Bowler, has appointed three new Directors to the ClassicPress Limited organization. These new appointments are made from within the ClassicPress community and will serve to further protect the mission of the project. This is fantastic news and I’d like to give a standing-o to Michelle Coe, James Nylen, and Wade Striebel on their new appointments.

Wrapping Up

If there’s one thing that you can take away from all this, it is that ClassicPress is doing it right. The project has come a long way already! Still, even though a lot of ground has been covered in a short time, there’s still much to do! If you can read or write (and I know you can!) there must be something you can do to help the project out. Come help to man the sails – or watch the boat sail off into a horizon of possibilities without you – ClassicPress is on its way!