About Code Potent

John Alarcon Presenting on Website Performance Optimization

Hi, I’m John Alarcon! That’s me up there – way back in the corner – showing a crowd of local tech professionals how to slay website performance tests in real-time. I’m the guy who pulls the levers and pushes the buttons behind the scenes around here.

About CodePotent.com

I was a PHP developer before discovering WordPress in the early 2000s and have been writing functionality for it since. At one time, I had planned on creating a WordPress resource site, but, there were just so many of them already – and there wasn’t much to differentiate mine – so, I wasn’t in a hurry about it. When WordPress was forked in 2018, somebody had to start writing about ClassicPress from a plugin developer’s perspective. Why not me?! And, so, while the term code potent predated ClassicPress, the CP similarity was cool and I registered the domain.

So, what is ClassicPress? Well, ClassicPress is a business-focused fork of WordPress and, among other things, it aims for a more democratic approach to decision-making. This is a really interesting development! It’s an exciting time for the future – and the history – of open source!

So, how am I involved with ClassicPress?

I’m active around the ClassicPress forums, Slack channels, and Twitter, participating in discussions, offering suggestions and ideas – the usual stuff. You can find my submitted issues and pull requests at GitHub, and, of course, there’s lots of related material here on the site. So, yeah, you might say I’m a ClassicPress supporter. 🙂 Oh, right – the plugins – Code Potent was the first developer to release plugins built specifically for ClassicPress! If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing, follow me on Twitter.

In the Spirit of Open Source

Let it be known that WordPress is not a bad word around here. While I’m not necessarily using it anymore, I still quite like the platform and what it has done for publishing. I hold high regard and respect for the many people who have donated their time, effort, and expertise to make WordPress the industry leader it has become. Let me make this perfectly clear: this site is a place to elevate ClassicPress, not bash WordPress.